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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Princely Discovery: William and Harry Behind Palace Walls By Katie Nichols

William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls
Here I am sitting at the B&N waiting on a friend to arrive to do some errands together. While wandering around looking at all tables I discovered this beautiful book on the Princes William and Harry. So far I have read the first 2 chapters and I have to say this will be a fantastic Christmas gift for that Royal fan or Dianaphile in your life.Sadly I have to leave the book behind til I can afford it. If Santa is making his list already would he will be kind enough to add this book to my never ending Book list?So far my favorite part of the book is where young Wills is running his dump truck up and down the palace halls til it hits  the baseboard and his mother Diana causally says to him "What will you grandmother say."  So far it read like a  novel rather than a bio which I am really enjoying. I am going to sign off now and maybe squeeze another chapter in before I have to leave the Princes behind here in the store,  Something I know I am going to dread doing.