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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Virgin Widow By Anne O'Brien

The Virgin Widow
Summary:Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, grows up during the War of the Roses, a time when kings and queens are made and destroyed in an on-going battle for the ultimate prize: the throne of England. As a child Anne falls in love with the ambitious, proud Richard of Gloucester, third son of the House of York. But when her father is branded a traitor, her family must flee to exile in France. As Anne matures into a beautiful, poised woman, skillfully navigating the treacherous royal court of Margaret of Anjou, she secretly longs for Richard, who has become a great man under his brother's rule. But as their families scheme for power, Anne must protect her heart from betrayals on both sides-and from the man she has always loved, and cannot bring herself to trust.
My thoughts:
I have to confess I didnt know much about Anne Neville other than She was a Princess of Wales and that she married Richard III. O'Brien's book was an interesting look at this often forgotten Queen of England.The love story between Richard and Anne is one you will never forget.
Thanks to Library Thing Early Reviewers for my copy.