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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Queen's Governess By Karen Harper

Kat Ashley is well known for her devotion to Queen Elizabeth I. Karen Harper is the one who tells her story flawlessly . Kat is writing a book on her life and in it she shares with us her journey of raising one of England's greatest queens. The story opens with her on the scaffold with Queen Anne as she gives her word to Anne that she will protect and teach Elizabeth. Kat is devoted to this promise to Anne and her daughter that it sometimes lands her in trouble her in the tower.
In the end she sees her "Lovey" take the throne and become the queen for which an age is named.

My Thoughts: I loved this book I loved the relationship between Kat and Elizabeth . The book was beautifully written and really did Kat justice. This is one Tudor book that should be read ths year. Elizabeth really comes to life in this book.
Rating A

Taking My Love of The Tudors to Yoville

Most of you already heard of Yoville on facebook. I have been playing since November of last year. They finally released a castle which I have been trying to make it look as Tudoristic as I can. I have been adding portraits of some of the Tudor Women. Here are some of the recent ones I have done so far. Each Woman has her own room that I decorate around her . Anne, Graces The living room her presence just speaks volumes as you walk in. The portrait matches the new furniture they released last night.
Princess Elizabeth graces her Own Chamber . Her Portrait Matches The new Queen"s bed they released Last night as well.

Elizabeth Of York graces the York Chamber . I chose the red to velvet to play off her portrait.I plan to add some white roses to the room soon. The Challenge is finding things that would actually work for the Tudor era never the less it is has been fun trying to In corporate my love of all things Tudor In Yoville
Sunday, March 28, 2010

All The Queen's Players by Jane Feather

Rosamund loves the theater and plays So when she is summoned by her cousin lord Waslingham to serve the Queen she is hoping to see as many plays as she can while she is there. She meets with a young Play write Will Creighton in secret unaware that her secret romance would almost cost her the chance to makea good match. She is sent away to wait on the queen of scots to make amends to the Queen . Only then Rosamund learn that her actions will cost The Queen of Scots and others thier lives.
My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book it is suppose to be more of a historical romance but it didn't feel that way while I was reading it. I was introduced to several new historical figures in the book and was thrilled to do some reserach on them and find out that the Author actually used thier actual cause of death in the book.
Rating: B