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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ready to be Seduced One Last Time.. Farewell to the Tudors

This Sunday starts our last season with Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII where has the time gone???I remember when I discovered that Showtime was going to do air this show I was so excited I had to find out all I could about it. There is no denying that the Tudors were some of my favorite historical characters. But the casting of Johnathan Rhys Meyers just made my day I had seen his performance as Elvis the previous summer and I was blown away by his sexiness. I couldn't wait to see him portray my favorite Monarch, Henry VIII. At first I was a bit skeptical but I hung in there and he took Henry's life to a whole new level for me. Like most people I could not picture Henry as young sexy man due to all the portraits showing him as this heavy obeased king. Despite the critics Johnathan has helped bring The Tudor's legacy to a whole new generation, even husbands are tuning in to see what all the wives are raving about when the Tudors air.

The whole cast of Henry's wives deserves credit of bringing these remarkable women to life. Each one took their role of each Queen and made it their own. Starting with the amazing Maria Doyle Kennedy who brought Catherine's story to life with her heart wrenching scenes as she fights to save her marriage. Then Natalie Dormer steps on the screen and seduces us all with her amazing ability to give Anne's legacy a new life
ending with her tear jerking execution scene. Natalie played Anne with so much fire and passion its hard to see any one else in the role. The chemistry between her and Johnathan was amazing. Then comes the "Plain" Jane Annabelle Wallis was far from plain . She gave Jane some thing different than how she is portrayed in the history books. I could see that she tried really hard to give Henry some type of stability in his life. After his roller coaster ride with Anne, Jane was just the person he needed. The scene when she passes was one of my favorite scenes with her and Johnny. You could see he really tried to bring the love Henry held for Jane through that scene. Joss Stone took the role as Anne of Cleves and gave us something else to think about rather than thinking of her as the "Flanders mare" She played Anne as the lucky one who escaped Henry's wrath and Henry realized that it was not her fault and gave her the title of The "King's Sister" we will see more of Anne in this next season so hopefully we will get to know a bit more about her. Henry's fifth wife Catherine Howard is portrayed by the lovely Tamzin Merchant who so far has brought some fun in the Henry's life and from the scenes I have seen of her work on the Tudors so far she seems to have good chemistry with Johnny as well . Tazmins portrayal as Catherine will shine this season as she takes on the role of the infamous Catherine Howard. Last but not least is Henry's final wife Catherine Parr portrayed by Joley Richardson whose work on this series is what I am waiting for I am sure she will dazzle us all with her role as Catherine Parr. I don' know about you guys but I will miss this show I am one of those who wish the series would continue on with the Children of Henry VIII. But like all good things it must come to an end.

The role of Sarah Bolger as Princess Mary is begging for the powers that be to consider giving us at least The Tudors II starting with Prince Edward's reign and quickly going in to Mary's bloody reign then giving us the spectacular reign of Elizabeth I. But for now I guess it's wishful thinking . Like many of the show's fans out there I am ready to be seduced one more time by the majesty of the Tudors and bid them farewell with hopes that some day we will see more on this dynasty in the future.

New books added to the Bookshelf

I added afew more books to the book shelf this last week . At the goodwill
I found
a beautiful copy of Karen Harper's Passions Reign about Mary Boleyn and her husband William Stafford. Much to my husband's dismay another Tudor related book came home with me. I found a copy of Forbidden Lady On ebay for $1.50 a romance set during the time of The War of The Roses, By Anne Herries . From The bookstore I picked up The Founding and the much talked about The Boleyn Wife. Cant wait to dive in to these books this summer!