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Friday, June 11, 2010

Her Royal Spyness By Rhys Bowen

Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie (Georgie)is 34th in line to the throne living with her brother who is a Duke who cut off her small allowance.She bolts from Scotland and her impending engagement to Prince Siegfried and comes up with an idea to start her own cleaning business in order to make a living. One day when she comes home from work she discovers a dead body in her bathtub She thought having no money was a big problem Now she really has a problem on her hand s and has to solve the case in order to clear her name as well as her brother's. We can not have (HM) Her Majesty embarrassed by a relative who has been convicted of murder ....

My Thoughts:

Georgie is a breath of fresh air and she is very cautious of her royal relatives and tries to live up to the "Rules of Royalty" that she has been taught.She is very respectful of the Queen Mary and is protective of her royal relatives. I loved the scene where Wallis Simpson comes in to her friend's shop and Georgie over hears her gossiping about The Duchess of York( who is affectionately known today as the Queen Mother). Georgie gets her back though at a party when Wallis comments on Georgie 's mother an actress who snagged a duke and Georgie's comment to Wallis "Yes she is if you get a chance to meet her maybe she can give you pointers on how to act like a Princess". I laughed out loud through out this whole book I loved how Bowen gave the actual royal characters in the book actual parts in the story. I will definitely following this series to the end.

Rating :A
Monday, June 7, 2010

The Book of Scandal By Julia London

Nathan Grey the Earl of Lindsey is known for his scandalous ways with women. When he hears gossip of his estranged wife Evelyn who is s about to be named in The book of scandal there is only one thing he can do to protect his family name bring her home. But Evelyn has divorce on her mind if she could only convince Nathan to let her go. Nathan is determined to make Evelyn fall back in love with him and make up for all the worng she felt he has done to her. AWhile they work on thier way back to each other some one is out to kill Evelyn and Nathan sets out to find out exactly who it is.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book it has taken me months to locate itI am glad I found it in Houston when I did. The Lindsey's were fun characters to get to know I loved Evelyn's fiesty demeanor and her fragile state as well because underneath it all she revealed herself to be a strong woman. I started this book while I was staying at my brothers house and I was delighted when the heroine had my sister in law's name so while I read the book I could picture her as the character. Which turned out to be a fun way to get through the book. Since this is the first in the Scandalous series by Julia London I am going to count this one towards the first in the series challenge