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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Finds:: Tudor Dolls and More.....

No it's not a book but something else that is right up my alley Dolls and The Tudors. These beauties are based on the Showtime Series and the Dolls are wearing miniature versions of the costumes from the show.
I found them while looking for another doll based on Queen Anne Boleyn and came across these.

Click Here to the dolls in full view
I also found
In all her glory
I will have to get her because i have her great Niece
Diana By Madame Alexander so she will fit in nicely


Lucrezia  From The  Borgia's
 These 2 are part of the Historical series
These would make great addtions to my doll  collection. Thank goodness for layaway!
Monday, July 26, 2010

A rare gem By Karen Harper

I published this on my Romancing History Blog
but Since there was a lot more than romance in this book and is by a familar historical author we all know so well. I thought I would publish it on this blog as well:
Monday, July 26, 2010

Liberty's Lady By Karen Harper

Summary:As the American colonies rose up against the oppression of Mother England, spirited journalist Libby Morgan fed the fires of rebellion and invoked the wrath of the Loyalists. Thus she was bound to clash head-on with the prime target of her rabble-rousing, the dashing New York aristocrat Cameron Gant, avowed Tory, spy and her sworn enemy.

But Gant was not the haughty silk stocking he seemed. And in his arousing embrace, Libby's contempt quickly dissolved as passions flared. Soon they were risking their lives--and love--in a daring masquerade that could end in liberty--or death.
Previous Cover Art
My Thoughts:

This is one of Karen Harper's first historical romance and was orignally published under her name Caryn Cameron then was republished in 1990 under Harper. I believe it would be considered a collectors item if you are like me and consider Harper one of the best historical authors of our time.

It was a refreshing read compared to the other romances I have read recently where they were set in England. I really enjoyed the spy story within the romance and the fact that George and Martha Washington make an appearance in the book. there was a lot of interesting historical facts surounding the Declaration of Independance  the excitement surrounding  paper money.

I am going to be reviewing Freedom's Flame which tells the story of Libby's sister Merry and is set in my birthplace of Philadelphia. I cant wait to see what Merry will be up to