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Friday, November 19, 2010

Paperback Weekend: This weekend it's to Buckingham palace I go.

                           It's time for the weekend that means time to grab a paperback off the shelf.
                          With all the exciting news this week it seems fitting to read
                                                something with a Royal theme. So I chose  
Death at Buckingham Palace: Her Majesty Investigates

                                     This Is the first in the Her Majesty Investigate's Series
featuring many members of today's Royal family.
I am anxious to get in  to this series. 
With all the exciting news this week it seems fitting to
read something with a Royal theme
 I am sure this will be an exciting read. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate Gets Her Prince

A friend called me this morning and said it's official it's on the news!
 It took me awhile to realize  what she was referring to then it hit me WILLIAM! He Finally Did it! I am So excited for these two I am sure they are going to bring joy to the Monarchy and I for one will be setting my alarm to watch the royal wedding like I did all those years ago when his mother walked down the aisle  30 years ago. Hold on tight Kate it's going to get really crazy from here on out.
Congratualtion's to them both

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Virgin Widow By Anne O'Brien

The Virgin Widow
Summary:Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, grows up during the War of the Roses, a time when kings and queens are made and destroyed in an on-going battle for the ultimate prize: the throne of England. As a child Anne falls in love with the ambitious, proud Richard of Gloucester, third son of the House of York. But when her father is branded a traitor, her family must flee to exile in France. As Anne matures into a beautiful, poised woman, skillfully navigating the treacherous royal court of Margaret of Anjou, she secretly longs for Richard, who has become a great man under his brother's rule. But as their families scheme for power, Anne must protect her heart from betrayals on both sides-and from the man she has always loved, and cannot bring herself to trust.
My thoughts:
I have to confess I didnt know much about Anne Neville other than She was a Princess of Wales and that she married Richard III. O'Brien's book was an interesting look at this often forgotten Queen of England.The love story between Richard and Anne is one you will never forget.
Thanks to Library Thing Early Reviewers for my copy.

Mail Box Monday

It's Monday and time see what made its way to my mailbox.
A Royal LikenessFrom the Author Christine Trent A beautiful signed copy of A Royal Likness.
from Paperbackswap
All three books in the Her Majesty Investigates trilogy by C.C. Benison
Death at Buckingham Palace: Her Majesty InvestigatesDeath at Windsor Castle: Her Majesty InvestigatesDeath at Sandringham House: Her Majesty Investigates

Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st Paperback Weekend Review: The Christmas Sweater By Glenn Beck

Paperback Weekends is a new feature  that you can read more about here

      The Christmas Sweater

Eddie is twelve year old boy who just wants a bike for Christmas.
But with his Mother struggling to make ends meat since his father passed away all he could do was pray and hoped that his mother would finally be able to afford his dream bike. But instead he recieves a sweater from her. A sweater that he leaves crumpled up in a ball in the corner of his room.
But then something horrible happends to Eddie that Christmas that would change his life forever and forces Eddie to grow up and be thankful for the gifts around him.
My Thoughts:
WOW was all I could say after reading Beck's first novel. This was not you typical Christmas tale it was much more than that. With out giving much away all I can say is Eddie's story reminded me very much of my own. Beck captured the essence of what a child feels when they lose a parente and things just dont seem like they used to be. His out look on how children see thier friends So called " Normal Life" and comparing it to his was spot on. I would reccomend every one pick upa copy this year and read it. You will never forget Eddie and his sweater.