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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wallis Simpson That Fascinating Woman

Back in April I was watching a show on the monarchy and saw this clip of the Duchess of Windsor.I have always been fascinated by Wallis's Story and her romance with the King. Although I often find my loyalty seems to lie with the Queen Mother. It is a well known fact that Wallis was known to insult her in front of others.

The battle of wills between The Queen Mother and Wallis went on for years. Wallis in the end became a legend in her own was the Queen Mother who often referred to Wallis as "That Woman"She often blamed her for her beloved Bertie's death. For some of us we have to thank Wallis for coming along because with out her we would not have had Diana and her legacy of compassion and now her son William as England's future king.
Today Wallis is featured in many tv movies and major motion pictures.Madonna is working to set her story straight in her new film W.E. She even shows up in the cozy mystery series Her Royal Spyness. The latest book to cover her life " That Woman" by Anne Sebba is due to be released March 2012, a book that I will no doubtly read . No matter what people think of Wallis she has made her mark on the world of Royalty and has becomea legend in her own right.
Enjoy The clip!
That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor