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Monday, September 19, 2011

Finding Sarah By Sarah, the Duchess of York

FINDING SARAH is an extraordinarily personal memoir by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. As she spends time with Dr. Phil McGraw, she gains a new understanding of her relationship with herself and with others. Suze Orman helps Sarah unravel the poisonous money issues she suffers from. Martha Beck teaches her how let go of her negative self-image. Many other friends and experts populate these pages and you will meet them all.
Sarah's journey, in so many ways, is everyone’s journey and as she shares her story with us she also shares the advice and wisdom she benefited from along the way. Her struggles with adversity have taught her that life’s lows can become a source of strength and courage. She knows, first hand, what it means to feel lost and she also knows that it is never too late to find your way back, to attain your goal, to take back control of your life and to make a special dream come true.

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts: If  you watched the Duchess's docuseries  on the OWN channel you will probably want to read this book. Now there is very little royal gossip in the book, it givesa bit of background as to why she wanted to do the series and has some interesting tidbits relating to the latest scandal she has found her self involved in.  I did enjoy the parts about her relationship with Diana and how she dealt with the press of the Royal wedding of the year.