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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the Mail box

This month I have had a few little gems find it's way to my mailbox.
I seem to enjoy looking for old but interesting books Since alot of these will not find thier way in to Kindle format any time soon I these oldies but goodies.
First up is Dr Quinn Medicine Woman By Teresa Warfield
Years ago there was this fabulous series starring Jane Seymour as Michela Quinn
On CBS on saturday nights. I recently purchased the DVD set of the entire series of Dr Quinn which I have been watching every night for the last week or so,  Then I found this gem of a book on Ebay so I had to add it to my library.

On  Paperback Swap I found these:
This I found out is before another book I have added to my library
last year  called The Thackery Jewels.
Yesterday I  discovered that there are  two more books ahead of this one  I need to find before I can start the series.
For my Elizabethan mystery series by Karen Harper  I found these