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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Royal Flush By Rhys Bowen

Royal Flush (A Royal Spyness Mystery)

Even though Lady Georgiana is only thirty-second in line to the British throne, one would expect her to possess something other than her good name. Alas, this is not the case, and when a scheme to drum up money by being a suitable dinner companion for male travelers goes terribly wrong, she hightails it up to the family home in the Highlands. There, she finds the castle full of guests (including Wallis Simpson), who make up part of a shooting party at nearby Balmoral. But the grouse aren’t the only ones in danger as guests keep turning up injured (including one hapless woman who’s knocked about by the castle’s old plumbing while she is on the “throne”). Is there a plot afoot to do in members of the royal family?
My Thoughts:
Georgie is back and boy she is literally dodging the bullets in this one.
Like the previous books in the series Georgie is trying to make her life better with out embarassing her Royal realatives. Her latest stint as a Escort gets her sent to the dreaded Rannoch house. Where she is forced to help her sister inlaw entertain Wallis Simpson and her American friends.
tons of hillarious mishaps and lots of new interesting characters in this one.