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Monday, March 7, 2011

William and Kate A Royal Love Story By Christopher Andersen~

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story
I have decided when it comes to Royal Biographies Andersen is one of my favorite authors. So I was thrilled to see this book released. The book opens with a dream scenario that William has that really pulls you in to the book. from then on you are hooked . we are given some really interesting inside looks in to the Middleton family as well as Kate and William’s relationship grew over time. I learned quite a bit about The Future Princess and I must say that we Diana Fans have nothing to worry about Miss Middleton is going to make us proud. William did a good job picking this girl out and taking his time to make sure he doesnt repeat the mistakes his father made. This is not one of those trashy tell all books its more like a inside look at the couple. The only thing negetive I can say about the book is the Author has revealed The couple’s rpivate nicknames for each other. To me they seemed too personal to publish. There are several photographs and i must say I love the back of the book of Diana holding William as a baby . This one is definitely one that will make a home on my bookshelf right next to the previous Andersen books I own.