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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Harlequin Celebrates The Royal Wedding

I was browsing the Harlequin site and came across this miniseries of Ebooks.
Each one highlights a different Royal wedding through out the ages. There are seven books and each one is priced at 1.79. They can be found on Amazon as well just make sure you are looking under the right country for your Kindle because they are available in the UK as well when ppurchasing remember these are short stories. They are all historical romances not necessarily historical fiction  The tittles are:

With Victoria's BlessingQueen Victoria and Prince Albert, 1840
Lionheart's Bride King Richard and Princess Berengaria, 1191

What the Duchess WantsEleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine and Henry of Anjou (future Henry II), 1152

Princess Charlotte's ChoicePrincess Charlotte and Prince Leopold, 181
Prince Charming in Disguise Prince George and Caroline of Ansbach, 1704

A Princely DilemmaGeorge, Prince of Wales (future Prince Regent/George IV) and Princess Caroline of Brunswick, 1795
The Problem with JosephineNapoleon and Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria, 1810

I went ahead and purchased them all  for summer reading their reviews will appear here soon.