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Monday, August 1, 2011

Wolves Among Us By Ginger Garrett

Wolves Among Us: A NovelIn a small village near the Black Forest, a double murder sets the stage for a charismatic inquisitor to begin a terrifying witch hunt among the town's women. Mia, the sheriff's wife, is the axis around which this story turns as she keeps her past a secret while dutifully tending to her sickly daughter and her aged mother-in-law. The town's priest, Father Stefan, struggles with leading his flock faithfully while keeping evil from taking over the village. Confused about what is good and what is evil, these two characters embark on much soul-searching as the violence around them intensifies to a stunning conclusion.
My Thoughts: Ginger is one of my favorite authors in the Christian Historical fiction genre.So I am a bit biased when it comes to her books. This latest in the Chronicles of the Scribe series was really different it had it all Drama , history and Passion. a fabulous read from a time I didn't know about.

Thanks to Jeanne From David Cook Publishing for the chance to read this fabulous book.