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Friday, September 23, 2011

September's Movie of the Month Review : The Grace Kelly Story 1983

I have always had a deep respect for Princess Grace since she came from my birth town of Philadelphia where she is considered a legend,  she was truly America's princess.
Cheryl Ladd portrayed Princess  Grace and did a awesome job  at it.  The costumes were great for the time period in which the film was made. Included in the film were snippets of news reels from the day and snippets of  Grace's wedding day. The Producers of the film gave Grace credit for helping with the film  which would turn out to be the only drama made about her life. the film was not too bad I just felt it left alot to be desired. I feel the film was completed before We lost Grace and she probably had approved everything  at the end there for they did not include her accident which resulted in the end of her life.
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Royals: Prince Harry By Bluewater Productions

The attention of the world is aimed squarely at the Royal family as the wedding of the century hits, and now it''s time to focus our attention on the Wild Child, Prince Harry. From his upbringing with his mother, Princess Di, and father, Prince Charles, to his wild partying and his military experience, all doors are opened and all parts of his life are on display. Prince William might be the one getting married, but Prince Harry continues to make waves all over the world

My Thoughts:
Bluewater has started a series of graphic novels focusing on the lives of the Royals. Harry's book is available on Kindle which is a new concept for Bluewater.I was really excited to see a email in my mailbox about this book and the chance to read it. I quickly downloaded it and started reading one thing I noticed is that several of drawings of the prince look nothing like him at all. Then it came to Diana well this really bothered me because I have seen Bluewater's work on Diana and it is beautiful.If I wasn't reading the wording I would not have known they were talking about his mother.As I got to the middle of the story Harry started to look like his self
and then A beautiful image of his mother was next and then his Brother and his Wife appeared on the next page.

Maybe it is me but when I read a graphic novel about a real person I expect the artist to at least try to make the artwork look like the real deal. The next image is what I call the Fake Harry.
The last image is one I named "Scared Diana"
This one could have been done so much better graphic wise.

Format: Kindle

The Butterfly Cabinet By Bernie McGill’s

Vivid, mysterious and unforgettable, The Butterfly Cabinet is Bernie McGill’s engrossing portrayal of the dark history that intertwines two lives. Inspired by a true story of the death of the daughter of an aristocratic Irish family at the end of the nineteenth century, McGill powerfully tells this tale of two women whose lives will become upended by a newly told secret.
The events begin when Maddie McGlade, a former nanny now in her nineties, receives a letter from the last of her charges and realizes that the time has come to unburden herself of a secret she has kept for over seventy years: what really happened on the last day in the life of Charlotte Ormond, the four-year-old only daughter of the big house where Maddie was employed as a young woman. It is to Charlotte’s would-be niece, Anna—pregnant with her first—that Maddie will tell her story as she nears the end of her life in a lonely nursing home in Northern Ireland.

The book unfolds in chapters that alternate between Maddie’s story and the prison diaries of Charlotte’s mother, Harriet, who had been held responsible for her daughter’s death. As Maddie confesses the truth to Anna, she unravels the Ormonds’ complex family history, and also details her own life, marked by poverty, fear, sacrifice and lies. In stark contrast to Maddie is the misunderstood, haughty and yet surprisingly lyrical voice of Harriet’s prison diaries, which Maddie has kept hidden for decades. Motherhood came no more easily to Harriet than did her role as mistress of a far-flung Irish estate. Proud and uncompromising, she is passionate about riding horses and collecting butterflies to store in her prized cabinet. When her only daughter, Charlotte, dies, allegedly as the result of Harriet’s punitive actions, the community is quick to condemn her and send her to prison for the killing. Unwilling to stoop to defend herself and too absorbed in her own world of strict rules and repressed desires, she accepts the cruel destiny that is beyond her control even as, paradoxically, it sets her free.

My Thoughts:
This story was very intriguing at sometimes I couldn't put it down.
The Maddie character wasa bit annoying at sometimes I found my self skipping her parts you just get to the mother's diary. I would have like to have seen this book written only from the Mothers POV it seemed to flow much better for me.
Format: Kindle
Monday, September 19, 2011

Congrautlations to the Cast of Downton Abbey

last night was agood night for all of us who love the British drama Downton Abbey. The series won 6 out of 11 catergories with the final award being Outstanding Miniseries or Movie. Maggie Smith took home the Emmy for Best Supportng Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. Other catergories the series won in are as follows:
Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
Outstanding Cinematography For A Miniseries Or Movie
Outstanding Writing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special

Finding Sarah By Sarah, the Duchess of York

FINDING SARAH is an extraordinarily personal memoir by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. As she spends time with Dr. Phil McGraw, she gains a new understanding of her relationship with herself and with others. Suze Orman helps Sarah unravel the poisonous money issues she suffers from. Martha Beck teaches her how let go of her negative self-image. Many other friends and experts populate these pages and you will meet them all.
Sarah's journey, in so many ways, is everyone’s journey and as she shares her story with us she also shares the advice and wisdom she benefited from along the way. Her struggles with adversity have taught her that life’s lows can become a source of strength and courage. She knows, first hand, what it means to feel lost and she also knows that it is never too late to find your way back, to attain your goal, to take back control of your life and to make a special dream come true.

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts: If  you watched the Duchess's docuseries  on the OWN channel you will probably want to read this book. Now there is very little royal gossip in the book, it givesa bit of background as to why she wanted to do the series and has some interesting tidbits relating to the latest scandal she has found her self involved in.  I did enjoy the parts about her relationship with Diana and how she dealt with the press of the Royal wedding of the year.