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Friday, December 2, 2011

In the Mailbox New DVDs For The Weekend

Today I received a DVD that I won from the website it focuses on all things British in film, Music and TV. I entered a giveaway and the prize was the three disc set of the movie The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher. it looks like it was made like the drama The Queen with three different actress playing each stage of her life.I can not wait to watch it this weekend

I also received the movie Gunpowder,Treason &Plot this one I purchased. It is set during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots it looks to be very interesting. So i am ready for the weekend just need to get some Popcorn!
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starvation Heights By Gregg Olson

Summary: A tall, egotistical woman doctor with an imposing jawline and a fierce will to dominate others. The victims are two wealthy English sisters, gullible health faddists after the fashion of those who flocked to Dr. Kellogg's sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. But unlike Dr. Kellogg's comparatively gentle method of diet plus enemas, Dr. Hazzard's method was to literally starve her patients to death--and then defraud them of their valuables.
My Thoughts:
I first saw this book at our local library where I volunteer it was ordered on interloan library for another patron So I could Not check it out. But the photos and the history of this woman and her crimes drew me in to the story. I had to download it to my Kindle that night.This is one of the best "Crime" books I have read in a long time it reads like a historical novel and is easy follow along. I could not put this book down,In fact my daughter and I rented the Deadly Women ( Obession) Episode from Netflix so we could find out more about Linda Hazzard sadly to say it left alot to be desired and I went back to the book asap.An awesome read!
Format : Kindle