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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Naughty In Nice By Rhys Bowen

Lady Georgiana is volunteering in the soup kitchen, which is near the train station. Thus she sees everyone leaving cold depressing England for sunny Nice. Even her sister-in-law's determined to go to France, using her pregnancy as an excuse.

Georgiana wishes she could go to, but of course, there's no money for her ticket. Then the Queen asks a favor - one of her favorite snuffboxes has gone missing. She has a pretty good idea on the thief and asks Georgiana to go recover her property.

Happily, Georgiana complies. On the train, she meets Coco Chanel who is putting together a fashion show. After a rude awakening at her destination, she decides to take Chanel up on her offer to reside with her while Chanel turns Georgiana into a model.

While modeling, the Queen's jewels turn up missing. Then the thief of the snuffbox turns up dead in his swimming pool only hours after seen with Georgiana. The French police are keeping a close eye on her as she's the number one suspect.
My Thoughts: I just Love Georgie This installment of the series was such fun to read i hated the book to end. Coco Chanel wasa hoot and of course the Infamous Mrs. Simpson makes a apperance in the book as well.
now starts the long wait for the next book which is in fact A Christmas Mystery Coming in November.
Format: Kindle


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