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Friday, December 21, 2012

Bianca By Bertrice Small

Summary:Renaissance Florence comes to passionate life in a vivid new historical romance series by “legendary”* New York Times bestselling author Bertrice Small. Florentine silk merchant Giovanni Pietro d’Angelo and his wife want nothing more than to marry their daughters to wealthy men of distinction. But when their son’s dangerous indiscretion implicates him in a tragic accident, it is their eldest daughter who must pay the price. Blackmailed by the powerful and debauched Sebastiano Rovere, the Pietro d’Angelos must give beautiful Bianca in marriage to Rovere to buy his silence. With the aid of her mother, Bianca flees her dark, cruel union, seeking shelter in a seaside villa. It is the shocking murder of her husband that allows her to find the possibility of love at last. But Florentine society would never approve of the man she’s chosen: Prince Amir, grandson of Memhet the Conqueror. My Thoughts: Since I heard about this new series I couldnt wait for the release date. Biance was a fascinating character to get to know she reminded me a bit of Rosamund from the Friasgate series. This book mentions some of Small's characters from previous books such as The Kadin and I believe Adora. So if you have read any of those you may want to try this one. There are some scenes in the book that many may find questionable but you can do like I did just skip them and move on to the next page. Rating: