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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tarnished Rose of the Court By Amanda McCabe

BOUND BY ROYAL COMMAND! A dangerous mission at Queen Elizabeth's bidding is Celia Sutton's chance to erase the taint of her brother's treason. Her life is at risk if she's discovered - and so is her heart when she learns her co-conspirator is also her one-time seducer: brooding and mysterious John Brandon! John can't believe the change in Celia - what's happened to the carefree English rose she once was? Leaving Celia was the only thing to do, but now guilt tears at his soul. He has to heal the sadness in her past, and he's not above using anything - from expert seduction to royal favours - to achieve his goal...
My thoughts:
I read TheWinter Queen  in 2010 and really enjoyed the characters  in the book we briefly meet Celia Sutton . In Tarnished Rose we find out more about Celia , She runs in to her lost love John and is sent away on a misson for the Queen  with John Brandon of course and finds out that her heart still belongs to him.  Lots of hot steamy scenes in this one. This is the second book in McCabe's Tudor Queens series   If you collect Tudor historical  romances be sure to pick this edition up.