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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where The Lilacs Still Bloom By Jane Kirkpatrick

German immigrant and farm wife Hulda Klager possesses only an eighth-grade education—and a burning desire to create something beautiful. What begins as a hobby to create an easy-peeling apple for her pies becomes Hulda’s driving purpose: a time-consuming interest in plant hybridization that puts her at odds with family and community, as she challenges the early twentieth-century expectations for a simple housewife.

Through the years, seasonal floods continually threaten to erase her Woodland, Washington garden and a series of family tragedies cause even Hulda to question her focus. In a time of practicality, can one person’s simple gifts of beauty make a difference?

Based on the life of Hulda Klager, Where Lilacs Still Bloom is a story of triumph over an impossible dream and the power of a generous heart.

“Beauty matters… it does. God gave us flowers for a reason. Flowers remind us to put away fear, to stop our rushing and running and worrying about this and that, and for a moment, have a piece of paradise right here on earth.”

My Thoughts:
I did bit of research in to Hulda and as soon as I finshed researching her I had to read this book.
thanks to Blogging for books I was able to recieve a review copy of it.
From the momet I recieved it I had to stop everything I was working on and read about this remarkable woman.I really enjoyed the history behind the story as well. everytime soemthign awful happend to Hulda's garden I found my self in the garden with her helping her pull up the poor plants that were salvagable and watched as she planted yet again and hoping that she would evetually succeed in her quest for the creamy white lilac. If you love gardening and history  read this one,  you wont regret it.

Mary Magdalene By Diana Wallis Taylor

Long maligned as a prostitute or a woman of questionable reputation, Mary Magdalene's murky story seems lost to the sands of time. Now a portrait of this enigmatic woman comes to life in the hands of an imaginative master storyteller. Diana Wallis Taylor's Mary is a woman devastated by circumstances beyond her control and plagued with terrifying dreams--until she has a life-changing confrontation with the Savior
My Thoughts:t
There are many books about the infamous Mary Magdalene but Taylor brought her to life in her book.What I loved abot the book was that it transported me back to Mary's time the descriptions of the food, places, and the people were so well done.
We really get to kno Mary an her tubles before she meets with the Savior by the time you get there with her you are almost in tears because you know all that this young woman has suffered. I really enjoyed my time with Mary . I enjoyed this one So much more than I did Martha.
 The cover is also beautiful once you get the image of the beautiful Mary on the cover in your head you can see her throughout the rest of the book.
a very eay to read book for the weekend. It is not a preachy  book it was more about Mary as person as opposed to the religion. So If you are looking fora refreshing read in to biblical time try this one.
Thank to Revell for the chance to read this beautiful story.