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Monday, December 2, 2013

New to my bookshelf : More Oldies

I found these oldies to add to my book shelf
Beautiful Nicole Duchard was stunned when imperial envoy Dimitri Denisov whisked her from her humble Boston home to establish her as Princess Natasha Steanova. It didn't take long for Dimitri to discover in the eyes of this Yankee Princess a wild spirit to match his own, and in the loveliness of her body a fire that betrayed her passion. But as a long-lost, secret royal love child, Nicole's lineage threatened the throne of Catherine the Great and she became victim to rapacious palace intrigues. 

Forced to suffer the degradations and ravages of an auction-block marriage... a bloody serf uprising...a cruel Siberian exile, she followed her still tender heart along a treacherous path to freedom and fulfillment -- and into the arms of the one audacious gentleman who intoxicated her with love's irresistible promise...
This is Liliane -- a beautiful woman swept by the storms of history from the embattled France of Napoleon to Virginia where violence simmered beneath the surface of slavery-dependent plantation life.
Warm, passionate -- a woman alone -- she sought refuge, but found instead turmoil, with two handsome, powerful brothers vying for her. One tantalized her with desire but would not marry her. The other proposed marriage, but concealed a dark secret that tinged his love with terror.
As a fourteen-year-old Catherine de Medici rode into France. Behind her and before her rode the nobility of Italy. She was to marry Henry of Orleans, second son of the King.
Amid the glittering fetes, masques, jousts and banquets of the immoral court in 16th century Europe, the reluctant bride became a passionate but unwanted wife.
Angry, humiliated and tortured by jealousy as she secretly spied on Henry's lovemaking, Catherine began to plan her revenge.