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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rediscovering V.C.Andrews

Last night on Skype my younger Brother an I were discussing our passion for V.C. Andrews books.
Since Andrews death the books have just not been the same but every once in awhile you find one or two that grab your interest.  I still find my self collecting them in hope to one day have them all.  If i am at a yard sale or thrift store these are the books I always grab when I see them.
During our discussion my brother and I discovered that we both own  at 2 books from the same series . The series being  the Gemini Series I own the first and the third book he had the first and the second.
He sent me the E book of the second  and he  purchased the E book  of the third book. We have decided to read this series together and compare notes and then write a review and share each other's review on each other's blog. This is a fun idea and in away it is sort of like small book club . I am very excited to get back in to the world of V.C. Andrews  and hopefully tackle these books I have been collecting over the years and finish some of the newer series.  The first book we are reading together is  
We hope to be done with this book by the end of the month  if not sooner and then post  our reviews. 


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