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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Son the Savior By Melody Carlson

Summary:My Son, the Savior captures Mary's story as she grew from a young, vulnerable girl to a grown woman witnessing Jesus's agonizing death and then, miraculously, his resurrection. It imagines Mary's deepest emotions and richest experiences as the mother of God's own Son. Readers will feast on this poignant tale rife with motherly love, deepening faith, worry and despair, and ultimately eternal hope.
MyThoughts: Since I have been watching the BIBLE miniseries on History Channel I thought I would read this small book on Jesus's Earth mother a term she calls her self in the book. It was a very short and fast read yet entertaining as well.  You experience the ups and down of emotions that she goes through as she is given the word that she is to bear the messiah and then wittness her son's death  and his ressurrection She experiences many struggles  and heartache as well. Her other children fear she is a little bit on the crazy side because all she can do is  think about traveling with Jesus.   A beautiful book to pick up during the Easter season. If youa re watching the Series on the History channel this is a good book to read as it give you look inside of the character of Mary.