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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunfire Historical Romances Oldies but Goodies

 If you grew up in the 80's and loved to read historical romances these were the books you picked up at your school library.  I decided to try to collect the ones that I missed out on during my school years. So far I have four and I haven't really decided if I am going to try to collect all 32 of them  it looks like it will be a challenge because finding the rare ones  is going to cost a pretty penny if you want them in good shape.  I tried to get some of the titles through my local library and they can not even get them  So my final resort was to try to purchase the ones I wanted to read. I thougth I would start with one of the hardest ones to find  Nicole

(#19) Nicole by Candice F. Ransom
Wealthy, sixteen-year-old Nicole Sanders encounters tragedy and romance with two very different men--Karl, a young immigrant, and English aristocrat Price Armsey--when she and her mother sail home aboard the Titanic.
(#10) Laura by Vivian Schurfranz

There was a fierce war raging abroad, and another in her heart. While men are fighting overseas in World War I, lovely Laura Mitchell is caught up in the struggle for women's rights in the Washington, D. C. of 1918. Dismayed by her willingness to go to jail for her beliefs, Laura's mother and sister encourage her to pay more attention to her suitors. Laura only has eyes for her neighbor Joe Menotti, who treats her like a kid sister. But her brother's friend, Shawn O'Brien, sweeps her off her feet with his Irish charm and dashing good looks. Yet everyone but Joe wants her to give up her ideals. Should she change herself, try to change the man she loves, or follow her conscience to the man who is waiting with open arms?
(#2) Susannah by Candice F. Ransom
Susannah Dellinger had lived her sixteen years as a proper Virginia girl – obedient, dreaming of marriage, leaving the decisions to the men. But when her brother and fiancé are called on to defend the South, Susannah take the first daring steps of rebellion against the old rules. She must fight for her own life, for her family, and for the secret love born in the flames of love. Set during the American Civil War.
(#4) Danielle by Vivian Schurfranz
It is 1814 when New Orleans beauty Danielle Verlain helps Geoffrey, a young pirate, escape from her family's plantation and the authorities. Immediately she is captivated by his dashing good looks and dangerous lifestyle. While her fiancé, Paul, is both handsome and sweet, Danielle yearns for something more. Her change comes when the pirates kidnap her and hold her for ransom. Danielle comes face to face with Geoffrey again. A love stirs inside her, and the spirited Danielle must decide between a comfortable life with Paul or an adventure as a pirate queen! Set during the War of 1812 and featuring an appearance by infamous pirate Jean Lafitte.I hope to get to these this summer and review them here and maybe add a few more to my bookshelf.

Were you a SUNFIRE girl? If so which was your favorite.

When Love Calls By Lorna Seilstad

Summary: Hannah Gregory is good at many things, but that list doesn't include following rules. So when she is forced to apply for a job as a telephone switchboard operator to support her two sisters, she knows it won't be easy. "Hello Girls" must conduct themselves according to strict--and often bewildering--rules. No talking to the other girls. No chatting with callers. No blowing your nose without first raising your hand. And absolutely no consorting with gentlemen while in training.

Meanwhile, young lawyer Lincoln Cole finds himself in the unfortunate position of having to enforce the bank's eviction of the three Gregory girls from their parents' home. He tries to soften the blow by supporting them in small ways as they settle into another home. But fiery Hannah refuses his overtures and insists on paying back every cent of his charity.

When one of Hannah's friends finds himself on the wrong side of a jail cell, Hannah is forced to look to Lincoln for help. Will it be her chance to return to her dreams of studying law? And could she be falling in love?
With historic details that bring to life the exciting first decade of the twentieth century.

My Thoughts:
 Another Winner From Revell Publishers.
 enjoyed learning about the history of the Hello Girls and Hannah's determination to keep her family together.  The Characters are well written and the pace of the story is great.thisis the first in a seris of the Gregory sisters.   I look forward to readding the others.
Thank to Revell publishers fr the chance to review the book.