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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving... & new books added to my shelf

These last two months have been very busy my family had to relocate due to my husband's job,  My youngest son broke his collarbone and had to have surgery. So needless to say there has been very little time for reading.  I have been trying to keep my self involved in at least one book to keep my sanity and it has worked for the most part.  Our new home has a  nice size  library but it just lacks the homey feel of the one where I volunterred for the last few years. But they seem to be able to locate some of the harder to find books that I have been longing to read so that is a plus.
 Since I haven't been working so much any more I have been able to slowly get back in to reading.
The first book I read was from my Local Library:
  Born to an unavailable mother and an abusive father, Dorothea Dix longs simply to protect and care for her younger brothers, Charles and Joseph. But at just fourteen, she is separated from them and sent to live with relatives to be raised properly. Lonely and uncertain, Dorothea discovers that she does not possess the ability to accept the social expectations imposed on her gender and she desires to accomplish something more than finding a suitable mate.

Yearning to fulfill her God-given purpose, Dorothea finds she has a gift for teaching and writing. Her pupils become a kind of family, hearts to nurture, but long bouts of illness end her teaching and Dorothea is adrift again. It’s an unexpected visit to a prison housing the mentally ill that ignites an unending fire in Dorothea’s heart—and sets her on a journey that will take her across the nation, into the halls of the Capitol, befriending presidents and lawmakers, always fighting to relieve the suffering of what Scripture deems, the least of these.

My Thoughts:
Jane Kirkpatrick has done it again! What a amazing woman Miss Dix  became I could really relate to her and her childhood. she was a fascianting woman who was able to turn her life around and help those in need. Another  inspiring story from Kirkpatrick!

 New Books added to my Shelves:
From The Library Thing:

I am about half way through with this one.

 From Paperbackswap:
I added 2 Sunfire Romances to my collection

From Goodwill :
I found these gems:

From Author Amanda Mccabe aka Amanda Carmack
I recieved these to review.

Last but not least I recieved this book as a going away present from my dear friend Tracy
So I have lots of reading to be done already along with unpacking and organizing. but I hope to be able to update soon with some wonderful reviews of the books above.