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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Upcoming Release: Stolen Remains By Christine Trent

I found this cover for Christine's next book in her  Lady of the Ashes series.
Release date April 2014

 After establishing her reputation as one of London's most highly regarded undertakers, Violet Harper decided to take her practice to the wilds of the American West. But when her mother falls ill, Violet and her husband Samuel are summoned back to England, where her skills are as sought-after as ever. She's honored to undertake the funeral of Anthony Fairmont, the Viscount Raybourn, a close friend of Queen Victoria's who died in suspicious circumstances--but it's difficult to perform her services when his body disappears. . .
As the viscount's undertaker, all eyes are on Violet as the Fairmonts and Scotland Yard begin the search for his earthly remains. Forced to exhume her latent talents as a sleuth to preserve her good name, Violet's own investigation takes her from servants' quarters, to the halls of Windsor Castle, to the tombs of ancient Egypt--and the Fairmont family's secrets quickly begin to unravel like a mummy's wrappings. But the closer Violet gets to the truth, the closer she gets to becoming the next missing body. . .
Monday, November 18, 2013

New to my Book shelf:Oldies but goodies

These gems were given to me . they are fairly older books but I am glad to have them the one I am looking forward to reading is the Lady of the Garter  book about Joan of Kent.