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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Farewell Lady Small: Bertrice Small The Queen of Historical Romace

The World of historical romance has lost one of it's leading ladies February 24,2015.
I discovered Mrs. Small book's in 2006 in the grocery store I was just getting back in to reading and I came across Phillipa  the cover is what drew me to the book and the fact that it was set during the reign of Henry VIII. I realized that Phillipa was part of the Friasgate series and I set out on the search for the rest of the series. After I read Rosamund I was hooked, over the years I have read several of her books when I am in a dire need of a escape. Like most of her her readers I have been trying to gather all of her books I can find   and I am anxiously awaiting her final book In her Silk Merchants  Daughter's series SERENA will be the last we have from  Lady Small but her legacy will live on through her books.  while I was at the good will last weekend I came across two of her books which i quickly grabbed up even though   I already read one of them I felt I needed to add her gems of a book to my book shelf.   Thank you Lady Small for your wonderful characters. Since her passing  there has been  book club started on Facebook as well as Memorial page in  her honor.

What I am reading now 

Small's last book will be out this summer