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Monday, April 2, 2018

No Cure for the Dead. By Christine Trent .

When a young nurse dies on her watch, Florence Nightingale must uncover the deep-hidden secrets someone will kill to keep buried.

It is 1853. Lady of the Lamp Florence Nightingale has just accepted the position of Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen During Temporary Illness in London. She has hardly had time to learn the names of the nurses in her charge when she suddenly finds one of them hanging in the Establishment’s library. Her name was Nurse Bellamy.

Florence’s mettle is tested by the dual goals of preserving what little reputation her hospital has and bringing Nurse Bellamy’s killer to justice. Her efforts are met with upturned noses and wayward glances except for her close friend and advocate inside the House of Commons, Sidney Herbert. As Florence digs deeper, however, her attention turns to one of the hospital investors and suddenly, Sidney becomes reluctant to help.

With no one but herself to count on, Florence must now puzzle out what the death of an unknown, nondescript young nurse has to do with conspiracies lurking about at the highest levels of government before she’s silenced too.

 My thoughts:  Christine. Trent has done it again!  This time with a brand new character ,
Miss Florence Nightengale is solving cases now .

I found this book  refreshing and entertaining . Florence pulls no punches In solving her first murder case  of one of her nurses. As she strives to bring medical care up to better standards we learn from her the practices they had back during her time really interesting stuff!
If you love nursing or mysteries with real historical people this series is for you.
Florence Nightengale is one lady who has always fascinated  me  as the niece of a nurse.
This series was worth the wait .

Thank you to Christine Trent for the chance to review this wonderful book

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